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Here’s Why Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Ratings Are Tanking

Is Stephen Colbert’s Late Show too progressive for network TV… or has CBS is shot the show in its foot another way ?

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Why Is The LGBT Documentary ‘Gaming In Color’ Rated-R On Google Play?

Apart from a few minor swears and some brief video game violence, ‘Gaming in Color’ lacks the raunchiness and gore to warrant an R-rating. So what gives?

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STUDY: There’s More TV Shows Than Ever, So Where Are All The Queer Characters?

Last week, the cable network FX released some data about TV and it’s mind-boggling. In the first seven months of 2015, viewers have seen 267 new scripted television series. That’s an average of one new show every day (more than that, actually). And that’s not even counting the kids’ shows![…]

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