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Cleveland Man Says He Was Fired for Liking a Photo From a Gay Wedding on Facebook

“It really feels discouraging that this is still happening.”

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Bigots Celebrate the Opening of New Campus LGBT Center with Fliers Promoting Queer Suicide

Fliers encouraging members of the LGBT community to commit suicide were posted on Cleveland State University’s campus yesterday

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Trump Tracts: The New Republican Gospel

Ethan Persoff’s Trump Tracts spread the true gospel of Donald Trump, just in time for #RNCinCLE!

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Stephen Colbert’s Musical Number, Comedy Makes The RNC Almost Bearable (Almost)

The late night host’s RNC coverage has muscular Uncle Sams, urine drinking, stoned delegates and more red, white and blue sequins than you can shake an elephant trunk at.

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100 Naked Women Shine Mirrors At Republican National Convention (NSFW)

Photography Steven Tunick protested the Republican party’s misogynist politics by organizing a nude art installation with over 100 naked women.

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Billboard Near Republican Convention Shows Trump Kissing Cruz

Though we’d never really want to see Trump kissing Cruz, we’re happy to see it near the epicenter of conservative hate!

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