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This Coca-Cola Campaign Turned Brazilian Homophobia Into a Symbol of Pride (Video)

Coca-Cola took a homophobic Brazilian expression often used to call people gay — “That Coke is a Fanta” — and turned it into an empowering symbol of Pride

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Our 5 Current Obsessions: Coca-Cola Apparel Perfect for the Coke Fan and Your Own Personal Robot Friend

Whether you want to bond with fellow Coke fans with Coca-Cola apparel or make your own friends by buying a tiny robot buddy, here are our current obsessions

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This Brazilian Drag Queen’s Inclusion in a Coca-Cola Contest Has Conservatives Feeling Fizzy

A Brazilian drag musician named Pabllo Vittar reportedly has conservatives angry over her inclusion in a Coca-Cola Brazil promotional contest

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Coca-Cola Releases Ad with a Gay Kid Thirsting for a Muscular Pool Boy (Video)

Coca-Cola’s new global campaign shows a gay kid lusting after a shredded pool boy, but he’s not the only one thirsty for the hunk

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8 Super Bowl 2017 Ads That Are Woke as Hell

To our pleasant surprise, ads at this year’s Super Bowl were surprisingly woke, commenting on many hot button topics. Here are eight of our favorites.

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Anti-Trans Boycotters Can’t Live In America Without Supporting Pro-Trans Businesses

Not only is it near impossible to boycott pro-trans businesses in America, the U.S. anti-trans movement is actually doing very badly.

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Morning News Round-Up: New ‘Jem’ Trailer, Korean Poop Cafe, And Rick Santorum ‘Dies’ (In The Polls)

GOP voters don’t support Rick ‘frothy mix’ Santorum anymore, a look at a poo-themed coffee house, ‘ Jem’s Synergy gets a downgrade, and other news!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Whoa. Here’s What Coca-Cola Immediately Does To Your Body

Coca-Cola isn’t a fuggin’ health drink, y’know? In fact, it’s like the complete opposite, and here’s a infographic that all but proves it — bottoms up!

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Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: Gays Are Corporate Terrorists

Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins offends our gay blog sensibilities while dropping the T word five times in his explanation for how defending DOMA went awry for King & Spalding, the lawfirm that pulled out of defending the unconstitutional law this week. FRC, as you probably know, is a[…]

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