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10 Things I Loved and Hated About ‘To Wong Foo’

‘To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar’ is over 20 years old, and so we wanted to take a closer look at it, sans makeup, warts and all

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The 1999 Gay Rom-Com ‘Trick’ Is Getting a 2019 Sequel. Here Are the Details

Jim Fall, director of the 1999 gay romantic comedy ‘Trick,’ recently announced that there will be a Trick sequel. Here’s everything we know about it

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‘Sissy Frenchfry’ and How Queer Independent Filmmaking Has Changed Over the Last Decade

In 2005, a short film called ‘Sissy Frenchfry’ took LGBT festivals by storm and aired on Logo; the filmmakers tell us how it got made and a possible return

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The Secret Telekinetic Childhood of Coco Peru

You know her from the movies Trick or Girls Will Be Girls or her countless live shows around the country. The point is, you know Coco Peru — and if you don’t, you should.

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‘Drag Race’ Star Darienne Lake Once Farted in Front of Pandora Boxx

(WIND) BREAKING NEWS: In a recent interview, Drag Race All-Star Pandora Boxx cleared the air about her love of farts.

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