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The Daily Sting, Friday: Andy Cohen Dad News, Canada Commemorates LGBTs, New Beyoncé (Kinda)

Last night’s Andy Cohen dad announcement has many feeling overjoyed for the reality TV maestro, and we almost got new Beyoncé

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Exclusive: We Sit Down With the Director of ‘Labels,’ Colombia’s First LGBTQ Series Aired on Network TV

Labels the new Colombian TV series, is the first LGBTQ show on Colombian television, composed of 4 stories divided into 5 chapters.

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Bogotá Isn’t Only a Gay-Friendly City, It Also Has Sexy AF Queer Men (Photos)

In Elska Bogotá, the intellectual queer pin-up mag and sexy anthropology journal takes an intimate look at 17 hot local dudes

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5 Things That Must Be on Your South America Itinerary When Exploring This Beautiful Continent

Following a lengthy trip throughout the continent, the Nomadic Boys present five experiences that should be on every South America gay itinerary

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3 Gay Men Marry in Colombia’s First-Ever Legally Recognized ‘Polyamorous’ Marriage

The South American country of Colombia legally recognized its first ever gay “polyamorous” marriage when 3 men recently decided to wed

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Colombian Catholic Bishops Nix Anti-Bullying Program

Catholic bishops in Colombia have come out as being pro-bullying… at least when the LGBTQ community is involved.

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Mental Health
Ukraine Slowly Makes Progress on Trans Rights

In Ukraine, trans people have to be sterilized before applying to change their gender legally — but that may be beginning to change!

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PICS: 18 Countries Photoshopped This Woman To Make Her “Beautiful”

A marketing agency asked graphic designers from 18 different countries to make the same woman “beautiful.” The results were different across the board.

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