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We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Snapshots of People Who Thought They’d Met a Celebrity

These are some of our favorite fake celebrity snapshots, some of whom are just regular people who didn’t want to shatter a fan’s dreams

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Friendship Win: Send Your Lonely Buddies a Bag of Dicks

It’s maybe counterintuitive to spend $15 on a bag of dicks for someone you hate, but hatred is rarely rational, and the phrase is ‘sweet’ revenge

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Hornet Is Hosting #GreatGayStayIn, the Livestream Festival for a Community in Quarantine

In these days of living through a global pandemic, leave it to members of the LGBTQ community — comedians, actors, bloggers, drag queens, fitness pros and health experts alike — to make the most of a sticky situation. Gay content creators haven’t changed so much what they’re doing, just how[…]

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Laugh Your Fears Away with 7 of the Funniest Gay Comedians Ever

Has the news got you so worried you can barely think straight? Take a break from Trump with these seven brilliant LGBTQ comedians

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