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Our Swoon-Worthy Man of the Month: Hasan Minhaj

Here are 10 of our favorite fast facts about the smart, sexy Hasan Minhaj (along with some of our favorite Hasan Minhaj photos).

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We’re Obsessed With This Hilarious (and Sexy) Parody of Trashy ’70s Gay Porn Mags

“I’ve always loved gay porn from the ’70s because it was a lot more down to earth than the porn we see today,” says Greg Scarnici, a New York-based comedian who recently released Hot Rods, a new book parodying a beloved format of adult entertainment from times gone by, the vintage[…]

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Send Your Lonely Friends a Bag of Dicks

It’s maybe counterintuitive to spend $15 on a bag of dicks for someone you hate, but hatred is rarely rational, and the phrase is ‘sweet’ revenge

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Drag Queens Weren’t the Butt of the Joke in This 2007 ‘King of the Hill’ Episode

Most drag queens would be happy to make an audience laugh. But if you look back at movies and TV from years past, there’s a tendency to make drag queens themselves the punchline. Just the fact that a man is in a dress is joke enough. And if someone mistakes[…]

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