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You Need to See These Ridiculously Trashy Gay Pulp Novels

The ’60s was a wild time of free love, drugs … and really hilarious covers on gay pulp novels

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If a ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Movie Were Produced, What Would It Look Like?

My idea would be like ‘Rat Race,’ except with all the funniest and fishiest queens vying for a lost crown

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You Can Literally Mail Your Enemy (or Frenemy) a Bag of Dicks to Eat

It’s maybe counterintuitive to spend $15 on a bag of dicks for someone you hate, but hatred is rarely rational, and the phrase is ‘sweet’ revenge

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Laugh Your Trump-Focused Fears Away with the 7 Funniest Gay Comedians Ever

Has the news got you so worried you can barely think straight? Take a break from Trump with these seven brilliant LGBTQ comedians

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You’ll See Nothing Funnier Today Than This Comedy Sketch of a Gay Focus Group Gone Wrong

You’ll laugh out loud at this comedy sketch in which Louis Virtel, Drew Droege, Parker Delon and Pete Zias design the gayest beer ever

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The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Castle Is Now a Luxury Hotel, and You Can Stay There

Located less than a half-hour from London’s Heathrow Airport, is Oakley Court your next vacation destination?

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Drag Queens Weren’t the Butt of the Joke in This 2007 ‘King of the Hill’ Episode

Most drag queens would be happy to make an audience laugh. But if you look back at movies and TV from years past, there’s a tendency to make drag queens themselves the punchline. Just the fact that a man is in a dress is joke enough. And if someone mistakes[…]

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Comedian Joel Kim Booster Has Thoughts About Gay App Culture and That Whole ‘No Asians’ Thing

The comedian takes on gay app culture and the damage that comes with saying things like “No Asians” on your profile

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Lucille Ball Used Poppers, Says Forensic Pathologist in Upcoming ‘Autopsy’ Episode

An upcoming episode of the TV series ‘Autopsy, The Last Hours of …’ is complete with a Lucille Ball poppers revelation

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Twitter Has Hilarious Things to Say About This Sexy Abraham Lincoln Statue Found in L.A.

Thanks to a Twitter user who posted a pic from an L.A. courthouse, Twitter is abuzz with talk of the twink-tastic statue

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