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A Federal Minimum Wage Hearing Was Delayed Due to One Guy’s Ideas on Taxing Gay Sex

A hearing on the federal minimum wage has been delayed because a Republican witness (and professor) once wrote about a gay sex tax

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House Speaker Paul Ryan Attempts to Appear Human While Reading These ‘Mean Tweets’ About Himself

In the “comedy” video he reads some serious “burns” and then adds a quippy retort, all set to a laugh track

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We Asked These Lawyers to Explain the Military’s Inconsistent, Outdated Anti-HIV Policies

U.S. military HIV policies differ wildly from person to person. But despite the confusion, these lawyers are sure of one thing: They’re all discriminatory

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FOSTA, an Attack on Sex Workers, Queer People and Personals Sites, Will Soon Become Law

In addition to shuttering some websites, the bill will lead to increased violence against sex workers, with LGBTQ people disproportionately affected

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