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Hornet x Planned Parenthood: How Does One Handle Sexual Rejection in a Mature Way?

This fourth installment aimed at helping men communicate and practice consent in sexual situations addresses a topic no one likes

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Hornet x Planned Parenthood: Dispelling Some Common Misconceptions About Consent

After looking at ‘what is consent?’ and the fact that ‘yes, consent can be sexy,’ let’s dispel some common misconceptions about consent

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Hornet x Planned Parenthood on Consent: Yes, Asking for Consent Can Be Sexy

Many people worry about how to ask for consent because they think it will come across as awkward, or that it will kill the mood

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Hornet x Planned Parenthood on Consent: What Is It, and Why Is it Important?

Conversations around consent are not gender-specific and should be had among men, women and everyone along the nonbinary spectrum

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Why We Decided to Un-Publish Prince Charming’s (And Others’) Dick Pics

A few days ago we posted a defense of our decision to post a celebrity’s nude pictures. We think we were wrong, but we’d like to hear your opinion.

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Colorado’s Sexting Ring Sting Punishes Children, Not Pedophiles

Colorado just launched an investigation into over 100 child pornographers. The only problem – they’re high schoolers taking dirty pictures of themselves.

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VIDEO: There’s No Actual Education In American Sex Education

Let’s talk about sex… education classes. Just like actual sex, they can be uncomfortable, uninformative and quite unsatisfactory, but it sure beats talking to your parents about sex, right? John Oliver, the host of HBO’s comic news show Last Week Tonight recently covered the ridiculous inconsistencies and anti-gay attitudes in American sex education classes — turns[…]

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