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A List of 25 People, Products and Companies American Conservatives Have Tried to ‘Cancel’

Conservatives in America are big fans of calling Democrats (and anyone left of that) “sensitive,” “easily triggered” or “snowflakes.” Serious concerns about racism, homophobia and bigotry are often brushed aside as overreactions — a fun way of gaslighting those of us with, you know, morals. Now, one might think that[…]

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Conservatives Are Literally Setting Their Shoes on Fire to Protest Nike’s Latest Ad Campaign

Conservatives have decided to protest Nike’s ads featuring Colin Kaepernick in a #BoycottNike campaign that involves them destroying their Nike products.

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San Diego Gayborhood Hillcrest Is Flying Its Pride Flag at Half-Mast for John McCain

There’s a kerfuffle happening in San Diego, as the city’s gayborhood put its rainbow flag at half-mast for the senator’s death

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Sacha Baron Cohen Zings Pro-Trump Fools and Trolls Sarah Palin in His Show’s Final Episode

Before his show ‘Who Is America?’ ever aired, she spoke about a controversial Sacha Baron Cohen Palin interview. But the last laugh seems to be on her

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