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Alex Jones Tried Bringing Infowars to Vimeo, But the Streaming Service Said ‘Nope!’

The video platform Vimeo banned Infowars barely a few days after host Alex Jones uploaded videos to it, making it 12th or so service to ban the hateful conspiracy theory show

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Alex Jones Says Obama Has Sex With ’10 Dudes a Day.’ Sounds Like a Party to Us

Did you know that former U.S. President Barack Obama is gay and having sex with 10 men a day? Isn’t that awesome? Let’s celebrate his sexual prowess

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Mark Zuckerberg Just Defended Holocaust Deniers While Saying He Won’t Ban Infowars From Facebook (Updated)

Head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg defends Holocaust deniers while saying it’s important his platform not ban conspiracy-theory sites like Infowars

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Anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council Says Gay Witches Run the Country

Robert Maginnis of the right-wing extremist group the Family Research Council says that Washington, D.C. is run by gay witches

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Homophobic Conspiracy Monger Alex Jones’s Lawyer Says It’s All an Act

Alex Jones’s lawyer in his child custody battle said the unhinged conspiracy monger his client plays on Infowars is nothing but an act

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The ‘Pizzagate’ Attack on Comet Ping Pong Was Also Homophobic

All the reporting about the recent Pizzagate shooting overlooked an important detail: the pizzeria owner is a gay man.

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What the Actual Fuck is Going on With Lucian Piane?

What the actual fuck is going on with Lucian Piane from RuPaul’s Drag Race? Are his paranoid theories a symptom of mental illness or something else?

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How Worried Should We Be About Hillary’s Health?

Is Hillary Clinton dying of pneumonia or what? Her doctor says she’s fine — but a Fox News gossip columnist says she’s dying. Who are you going to believe?

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So-Called ‘Christian Warrior’ Arrested for Threatening to Kill Gays And Lesbians

Las Vegas man and conspiracy theorist Bryan Cuellar is in jail awaiting trial for making terrorist threats against the LGBTQ community.

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Germany Almost Sent A Rabid Homophobe To Eurovision

Germany’s choice for Eurovision is Jamie-Lee — but for two days, it was the anti-Semitic, homophobic, conspiracy nut and singer Xavier Naidoo.

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