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Bedroom Tech: The ‘Cock Cam’ Is Exactly What You Think It Is

The cock ring camera is being billed as a “perfect addition to your toy collection” and will set you back $160

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Don’t Even Think About Flat-Out Ignoring That Guy You Hooked Up With

Let’s stop using sex as an antisocial way to distance ourselves from others out of shame for anonymous or random hookups

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5 Sex Toy Stories to Excite, Horrify and Amaze You

Many people have sex toy stories, from fun to strange; here are five of the weirdest — from butt plugs being hacked to never saying goodbye to your lover

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Hookers, Hustlers & Whores: 10 Films Illustrating How Hollywood Depicts Sex Workers

Sex workers, gigolos, hustlers, hookers — whatever term you prefer, here’s how film history has handled the world’s oldest profession

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This 1964 Gay Coloring Book Shows Cruising, Crossdressers and a Steam Room Orgy

The Gay Coloring Book from 1964 offers a campy look into mid-century queer life. The book features cruising, crossdressing, a stream room orgy and more.

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Some Guys Are So Afraid of Being Gay They Don’t Even Wipe Their Own Butts

We just heard a hilariously disgusting tale about a woman whose husband is so afraid of being gay that he’s against wiping butts, particularly his own

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Let’s Take a Look at the Reasons Some Straight Men Enjoy Group Masturbation

While the majority of guys who patronize group masturbation clubs are gay men, the clientele is likely more diverse than you think

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I Embrace the Word ‘Slut,’ and Here’s Why You Should, Too

A primer guide to how you, too, can embrace “slut” and other epithets, thereby stripping them of their power and their sting

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Lin Zhipeng’s Photography Offers a Sexy, Revealing Peek Into Gay China (NSFW)

A gay man born in China who has since become an indelibly modern fashion photographer, his shots are revealing, candid and sexy

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This Company Specializes in Anonymously Mailing People Realistic Chocolate Penises

Maybe there’s a special someone in your life who you think deserves a chocolate penis landing on their doorstep

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