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#GayPornSoWhite: How 3 Major Studios Are Attempting to Diversify (NSFW)

Three major gay porn studios have finally begun to diversify their film with more African-American performers and scenes, but we say that’s not enough

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Teen Contemplates Suicide Over Corbin Fisher Outing Lawsuit

“I have been scared to death every since I heard about this. I live with my family and if they find out about this, I feel I will end my life. My family senses something is wrong, they keep asking me what has happened, I have not been able to[…]

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Chris’s Parents Kicked Him Out For Looking At Gay Porn

In response to Corbin Fisher’s claim that they are liberating gays by outing them, Chris posits, “I don’t know why they feel it is their job to out people. Nothing good ever comes from outing someone.”

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I Tried To Kill Myself After Gay Porn Outed Me

If Corbin Fishergate doesn’t ring a bell to you, you haven’t been paying attention to your gay porn studio news this month, obviously. These things happen though. Here’s what went down in a nutshell: Corbin Fisher sues illegal downloaders. Are they outing gay teens? CF calls outing gay teens “Laughable”;[…]

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Corbin Fishergate: We’re LIBERATING Gays By Suing Them

Another day, another episode in the ongoing Corbin Fishergate scandal. If you’re just joining the party, catch up here: Corbin Fisher Calls Gays “Thieving Little Shits” CF Thinks Outing Gay Teens Is “Laughable” Good? Good. A UB reader sent us another ridiculous email from the porn company, telling us “This[…]

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Capitol Hillbillies Does Corbin Fisher – So Good!

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Click to enlarge and view this strip in all its glory. Capitol Hillbillies follows a couple of gay guys up in Seattle and their sexual, political, and romantic mis-adventures. Because sodomy is funny. Previously in Fishergate: CF Calls Gay Teens “Thieving Little[…]

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Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens “Thieving Little Shits”; Lies About Charitable Donations

Another day, another foot in Corbin Fisher’s mouth. On today’s list of causes for concern, CF’s lawyer refers to gay teens as “thieving little shits” and says the company is perfectly OK with causing them harm, as well as completely making up a story about hundred of thousands of dollars[…]

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Corbin Fisher Thinks Outing Gay Teens Is “Laughable”; Calls Unicorn Booty “Uneducated”

Perhaps you’ve been reading our ongoing coverage of gay porn studio Corbin Fisher’s threat to sue 40,000 IP addresses, many of which we believe belong to gay teens who aren’t able to legally download materials themselves without a credit card. If not, catch up first: Corbin Fisher Sues Illegal Porn[…]

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Corbin Fisher Is Still Suing Mad

We wrote last week about gay porn powerhouse Corbin Fisher’s ill conceived plan to sue 40,000 illegal file-sharers, and how those lawsuits would inadvertently out closeted gay teens to their parents. You know who steals downloads porn off the internet for free? Teenagers. People without credit cards. Kids under 18[…]

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Corbin Fisher Sues Illegal Porn Downloaders; Outs Gay Teens To Their Parents

Is Corbin Fisher the one where the guys sit on the couch before moving to the bed? That’s every single porn gay porn studio’s sequence of events these days, you say? I see… Corbin Fisher is taking flack for their refusal to understand how the internet has evolved into a[…]

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