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Cosplay Queen Dax ExclamationPoint Talks Us Through Her 5 Favorite Past Looks

Dax ExclamationPoint is a force to be reckoned with. Cosplayer, drag performer, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and the “Queen of All Nerds,” she’s like if Storm stepped off the pages of a comic book armed with Plasti Dip and a killer sense of humor. Hornet recently had the chance to speak[…]

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This ‘Sailor Moon’ Fan Doesn’t Care He Loses Followers by Posting His Drag Cosplay

When cosplayer Leo Bane does crossplay as a ‘Sailor Moon’ character, not all of his fans like it, making us wonder: Is there a wrong way to do cosplay?

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Celebrate #Mar10Day By Looking Back at ‘Super Mario’ History (Complete With Sexy Cosplay)

Happy #Mar10Day everybody — let’s celebrate the day devoted to the world’s favorite plumber with some sexy cosplays of Mario and his brother Luigi

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‘PC Gamer’ Has Been Trolling Homophobes for Years With Sexy ‘Witcher’ Star Bathtub Geralt

The magazine has spent the past few years determined to annoy homophobic nerds by gratuitously posting an image referred to as sexy bathtub Geralt

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