Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Stop Believin’!

Don’t let the fact that Andy Towle thinks that these soldiers may be British distract your from my clever headline. Tommy, Reny, Gibbo (Mmm…Gibbo) and the rest of the smoking hot fellas in fatigues stationed out in Afghanistan don’t let a little thing like war come between them and their […]

Weird Al Yankovic Spoofs Lady Gaga: Perform This Way

Weird Al Yankovic puts Lady Gaga back on the defense for borrowing heavily from Madonna in Born This Way. Depending on your comfort level with seeing Weird Al’s dismembered head CGI’d onto a dancing woman’s body, you’ll either love or hate Perform This Way. Personally, we’re in the “Weird Al […]

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Born This Way: Magneto Edition

Raise up your claws like Wolverine, Or let it out with a Banshee scream. Red, blue, steel or hairy chests, Scaly pores or diamond breasts. If your super abilities, Killed your friends or families,  Just lay low with us today –  ‘Cause baby, You’re kind of stuck this way.

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BTW Karaoke: You Have To Hear It To Believe It

It’s Friday, Friday…and we’re looking forward to the weekend. (Re: Not taking our jobs seriously.) Please accept this amazing sonic gem as a token of our undying love for your, dear readers. Now be nice with your replies. Tell us what you like most about this rousing rendition of Lady […]

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James Franco Covers Cher (And It’s Awful)

Hollywood Golden Boy and current star of our sex dreams, James Franco tweeted his cover of Cher’s You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me from last year’s Burlesque. Franco was due to sing the song during his co-hosting gig with Anne Hathaway at the Oscars this Sunday. For some reason, […]