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Here are 5 Reasons HIV-Positive People Should Stick to Their Daily Treatment (Video)

Whether you have HIV or not, you should know the 5 biggest reasons to stick to daily treatment through medication. Some of the reasons will surprise you!

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OP-ED: 41 Facts About The Creating Change #CancelPinkwashing Protest

Articles about the #CancelPinkwashing protests at Creating Change 2016 have called the protestors “thugs” and “anti-Semites.” But consider this…

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26 Beautiful Artworks Made At A National LGBTQ Conference

What happens when you give thousands of queer activists a bunch of paint, glitter, yarn and pipe cleaners? Beauty… sheer beauty, that’s what.

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VIDEO: Pinkwashing Protest Overtakes LGBTQ Conference

On Friday night, protestors at Creating Change — an annual, national conference on LGBT equality — took the halls of the Chicago Hilton to demonstrate against A Wider Bridge, a pro-Israeli group accused of “pinkwashing” (that is, using Israel’s LGBT rights record to distract from its human rights abuses). Speakers at the conference’s opening plenary[…]

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People Pissed At LGBTQ Conference’s Jewish Event

Accusations of pro-Israeli “pinkwashing” have dampened spirits at the Creating Change conference, taking place this weekend in Chicago.

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