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This Magical Instagram Account Is Dedicated to the DILFs of Disney World

It’s the most magical place on Earth for kids, but now we’re dying to get there ourselves

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The Netflix ‘She-Ra’ Reboot Is Giving Its Most Gay-Iconic Character Two Dads

At a New York Comic Con panel for the upcoming reboot, it was revealed that one beloved character will have gay parents

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Authorities Ban Lesbian Couple From Giving Their Son a ‘Girl’s Name’

The French government has a history of policing baby names.

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An Entire Restaurant Came to the Rescue of a Gay Couple Attacked For ‘Depriving’ Their Child of a Mother

“It’s still love for the child—and that’s all that f*cking matters.”

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#FollowFriday, June 29: You Should Be Following These 5 Gay Parents, Artists and Activists

From a sparkling denizen of London’s nightlife scene to a trans politician running for office in Hawaii, here are our #FollowFriday selections

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Just in Time for Father’s Day, This New Dove Ad Fights for All Dads to Have Paid Paternity Leave

The new Dove ad, titled Dear Future Dads, features real fathers from around the world discussing paternity leave, including gay dads Marion and Carl

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Paul Rudd Will Be One of a Handful of Actors to Portray a Gay Parent on the Big Screen

Believe it or not, there are very few films about gay parents. Nevertheless, we dug up five good ones with video trailers for you to enjoy

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If Your Parents Struggled to Discuss Sex With You, They Aren’t Alone

A new study shows that a majority of parents feel too ignorant or uncomfortable to have a gay sex talk with their LGBTQ teens — here’s why that’s a problem

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Queer Ally and First Muslim Woman Judge in U.S. History Found Dead in the Hudson River

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first Muslim woman to serve as a judge in the United States and a queer ally, was found dead in the Hudson River on Wednesday

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Washington Court Overturns Anti-Gay Custody Ruling

On Thursday, the Washington Supreme Court overturned a 2014 custody ruling that showed anti-gay bias against a lesbian parent

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