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Being ‘Undetectable’ Today Is a Privilege. It Needs to Be a Right.

An undetectable status is great news for the wellness of people with HIV, but it can only be achieved through treatment, which requires health care

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Starbucks Reveals New Health Care Plan That Promises to Cover All Trans Team Members

Though it had covered gender confirmation surgery starting in 2012, the new Starbucks trans health care plan includes options for top surgery and more

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Dark Horse Comics Finally Reverses Its Policy on Trans Health Care (Updated)

Though the large indie publisher just promoted an LGBT sale, Dark Horse Comics just doubled down on its refusal to cover trans health care

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The Trump Administration Still Won’t Explain Erasure of LGBT Resources From Federal Websites

Although Congressional Democrats are growing increasingly frustrated with the LGBT erasure, there seems to be little they can do about it

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Trump to Undo an Obama-Era Rule That Protects Trans People From Healthcare Discrimination

The Trump Administration plans to modify an Obama-era rule that protected against transgender health care discrimination

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Donald Trump’s HIV Indifference Could Lead to a Million Deaths

Donald Trump’s indifference and incompetence when it comes to HIV could lead to a million deaths

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Trump Administration Uses Martin Luther King Quotes to Celebrate New Anti-LGBTQ Office

The Department of Health and Human Services will open a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within its existing civil rights office.

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A Second U.S. Federal Court Has Blocked Trump’s Trans Military Ban, But for a Surprising Reason

The Trump trans military ban has just been blocked by a second federal court for violating the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause

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The Hornet Health Starter Kit: Getting Insurance, Mental Healthcare and Preventing HIV and STIs

The Hornet Health Starter Kit provides you resources for getting health insurance, STI/HIV prevention, mental health and more — plus you can download and share it

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Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know Obamacare Open Enrollment Starts Today

Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts to kill it, the Obamacare open enrollment period starts today — here’s what you need to know

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