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Words of Wisdom From a Professional Go-Go Dancer to All Gay Men

From tipping it etiquette to what kind of touching is fair game, here are some things all gay men should know about how to treat your go-go dancer

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The ‘James Dean of Ballet’ Was Dropped From ‘Swan Lake’ for a Homophobic Instagram Post

The Ukrainian ballet dancer posted a sexist, anti-LGBTQ rant, and thereafter had his Paris invite rescinded

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If You’re Gonna Come Out of the Closet, Do It With a Sexy, Soaking Wet, Shirtless Dance

This week’s Season 13 finale of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ saw Mac perform a heavily choreographed ‘coming out dance’ for his father

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The Slap Heard ’Round Mykonos: Watch These Muscle Queens ‘Fight’ During a Circuit Party

An XLSIOR Festival fight broke out at the week-long Greek island circuit party as several muscle queens began slapping and dragging each other

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