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5 Amazing Queers in Video Games that You Need to Know About

Queer and LGBT issues are really taking off within the video game industry, and a bunch of great queers are rising along with it. Here are 5 to watch!

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Industry Heads Clash Over Responsibility For Diversity In Games

Prominent voices inside different sectors of the gaming industry clash on the subject of where diversity should begin and how we can achieve it.

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Gay Developer David Gaider Never Planned to Create Groundbreaking Queer Games

Gay game developer David Gaider waited years to put queer characters in games — and when he finally did, it changed his life.

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Dragon Age To Anti-Gay Fans: Get Over It

Straight up, we have absolutely no idea what Dragon Age 2 is all about, and we haven’t done much gaming since catching both Palkia and Dialga a few Pokemon cycles ago. Suck it, Giratina! But we know you gays are big gamers, and we aim to please. Just like the[…]

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