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Sorry, Paparazzi, Shouting Is Not the Best Way to Get Nyle DiMarco’s Attention

Red carpets are full of paparazzi yelling at stars; watch the Nyle DiMarco paparazzi video where they shout for the deaf man’s attention

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#FollowFriday, Aug. 3: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Athletes and Activists

This weke’s #FollowFriday will introduce you to an inspiring athlete, a Palestinian fashionista and an angelic troublemaker from Nigeria

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Pride Is Year-Round and This Gay Soccer Player Got a Standing Ovation

It’s Sunday, so be well-read for brunch; this week you’ll need to know about sex toys for the disabled and Collin Martin’s standing O

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Brazil’s #HornetGuy for July Doesn’t Let His Disability Get in the Way of Living His Life

Meet Douglas Drys, a 23-year-old Brazilian who lives in São Paulo and works as a model and dismantles preconceptions with his prosthetic leg

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This Gay Disabled Man is Raising Money to Develop Sex Toys for People with Physical Disabilities

Self-described ‘queer crip’ Andrew Gurza is crowdfunding research into disabled sex toys to help people with disabilities independently pleasure themselves

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Karamo Brown Is Standing Up for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing ‘Queer Eye’ Fans (Updated)

After one fan brought the matter up on Twitter, Karamo Brown has pledged to do something for deaf ‘Queer Eye’ fans

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The Hilarious Workout Videos of Disabled Comedian Zach Anner Focus on Self-Acceptance

Comedian Zach Anner is a comedian with cerebral palsy and his fitness videos are exactly what you need if you’ve ever felt unattractive or incapable

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How Developers Are Making Games More Accessible to People with Disabilities

Instead of fetishizing difficulty, gamers should embrace additional accessibility options for the good of the fandom.

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Fun and Function: How Role-Playing Games can Heal Your Mind and Body

Role-playing games aren’t just about slaying dragons and finding treasure; one researcher is using RPGs to help people with autism and disabilities

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PICS: 15 Steamy Shots of Chippendale’s Newest Stripper Nyle DiMarco

Not only is Nyle DiMarco a sexually-fluid, award-winning model and deaf activist, he’s also Chippendale’s newest dancer. These shots show why they invited him.

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