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Degrassi Junior High News and Stories

VIDEOS: Is Rick from Rick & Morty The First Pansexual On U.S. TV?

Rick & Morty is a huge hit, but did you know that the lead character identifies as pansexual? Did you also know he’s the ONLY pansexual on American TV?

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VIDEOS: 10 Times Degrassi Went For It With LGBT Moments

Degrassi has been a TV staple for over 25 years and the show brought LGBT characters and issues to light like no other. Here’s 10 times they did just that.

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19 Year Old Best Buds Get Gay Together… What Happens Next?

A Reddit user and his friend had a surprising gay experience which developed into something more meaningful and confusing. What advice would you give him?

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KICKSTART THIS: ‘Playing Gay’ Says LGBT TV Characters Helped Pave Way For Equality

The documentary ‘Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television’ believes gay television characters helped pave the way for American gay equality.

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