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Gay Penguins Start Drama in a Denmark Zoo by Stealing Another Couple’s Chick

Two gay penguins at a Denmark zoo started some drama by stealing a straight couple’s chick, but the story has a happy ending

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Denmark Declares That Being Trans Is Not a Mental Disorder

Denmark has officially declared that transgender identity is not a mental disorder, but the World Health Organization disagrees.

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Copenhagen Pride: 13 Photos from Denmark’s Greatest Show

Photos from the annual gay pride festival in Copenhagen — one of Europe’s most gay-friendly cities and a fun, approachable gay pride as a tourist

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The Wonderful (and Weird) World of Yayoi Kusama

Photos from the travelling “In Infinity” art exhibition featuring the weird and wonderful works from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

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Belize Decriminalizes Homosexuality and Other Good News!

Belize just became the latest country — and the first in the Caribbean — to decriminalize homosexuality! That and more in our monthly look at global good news!

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The European Union Says HB2 Violates Human Rights Laws

How bad are transphobic bathroom bills like North Carolina’s House Bill 2? The European Union says they violate international human rights laws.

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Europe’s Top 12 Most Gay-Friendly Cities

A gay Europe travel guide to the best gay cities, including travel tips on the best gay bars, clubs, tours & hotels in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome and other top gay cities.

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Wow! Costa Rica Eliminates 99% of Fossil Fuel Use

The small Central American nation uses earth, wind, fire and water to produce 99% of its electricity energy. Can larger countries follow suit?

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This Graphic Novel Is Fighting To Save Free Speech Worldwide

Young cartoonists and journalists from 15 European countries have assembled an important comic report on freedom of the press.

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Eurovision 2015: 5 Songs That Don’t Give A F*ck About World Peace

While some nations sang about unity, a handful of competitors just said “LOL byeeeeeeeeee” and sang songs that had squat to do with building bridges or world peace or whatever.

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