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7 Important Facts About Gay and Bi Men Who Suffer From Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect 15% of all gay and bisexual men, but understanding the psychology can help us end this dangerous trend

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It’s Been Over a Decade Since This Book of Semen-Based Recipes Was Published

The next time you’re craving something salty, instead of reaching for that can of Pringles maybe you should opt for one of these recipes

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Celebrate Fall With Raunchy (Pumpkin-Spiced) Latte Art

One talented coffee lover has figured out the best way to start your morning: dick latte art. And they’re sharing it on Instagram.

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Thick and Meaty: Follow This Burrito Hunk’s Instagram on National Burrito Day

It’s officially National Burrito Day and we decided to celebrate by honoring burrito hunk and Instagram user Charlie Q who creates some steamy burrito art.

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