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The Final Episode of ‘Dinosaurs’ Is Still the Saddest, Most Poignant Finale in TV History

ABC’s ‘Dinosaurs’ went out with a bang in 1994, as the entire cast perished in an environmental disaster brought on by a money-hungry corporation

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So-Called ‘Christian Warrior’ Arrested for Threatening to Kill Gays And Lesbians

Las Vegas man and conspiracy theorist Bryan Cuellar is in jail awaiting trial for making terrorist threats against the LGBTQ community.

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We Actually Read Chuck Tingle’s Hilariously-Titled Porn So You Don’t Have To

Chuck Tingle is famous for his gay porn e-books with crazy titles. The covers are hilarious, but we’ve read the books for you. Really. You’re welcome.

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Japanese Device Measures How Happy You Are At Work

Leave it to a Japanese multinational conglomerate to create “a happiness meter” that sounds soul-crushingly awful. It’s just one of several recent news stories that’s worth looking into. 1. A Fatigue By Any Other Name: The amorphous and confusing condition commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome is being re-classified as “systemic exertion[…]

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