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Gay Pride Flag Whips Up Controversy in Virginia

Conservative politicians, preachers and “pro-family” advocates are in heat over the gay pride flag’s presence outside the Federal Reserve Bank building in Richmond, Virginia. An internal group of LGBT employees, called PRISM, requested that the flag be flown in honor of Gay Pride month. The bank, which is a private […]

gay blog, gay news, gay culture

Orbitz Defends Fox News on O’Reilly Factor

Oh, Bill. Always providing such reliable fodder for our incredulity. In last night’s Talking Points, O’Reilly focused on “Presidential Politics and the Media,” and brought up the Media Matters’ campaign to get Orbitz to drop Fox News from their advertising. O’Reilly notes that “the Orbitz travel agency was threatened, but […]

Ted Nugent ‘Repulsed’ by Gay Sex But Loves the Gays

Ted Nugent appeared on Piers Morgan this week, and shared a unique view on gays. It’s hard to hate Ted, as he sticks by his beliefs but also doesn’t trample on the rights of individuals to be who they are. He says, “I’m repulsed at the concept of man on […]

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Less LGBTs in the US Than Previously Thought

There may not be only one gay in the village, but there are certainly less people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered than most of us queers would like. A recent study, How Many People Are LGBT?, released by demographer Gary Gates at UCLA’s Williams Institute, has determined that: […]