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Sorry, Paparazzi, Shouting Is Not the Best Way to Get Nyle DiMarco’s Attention

Red carpets are full of paparazzi yelling at stars; watch the Nyle DiMarco paparazzi video where they shout for the deaf man’s attention

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#FollowFriday, Aug. 3: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Athletes and Activists

This weke’s #FollowFriday will introduce you to an inspiring athlete, a Palestinian fashionista and an angelic troublemaker from Nigeria

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Pride Is Year-Round and This Gay Soccer Player Got a Standing Ovation

It’s Sunday, so be well-read for brunch; this week you’ll need to know about sex toys for the disabled and Collin Martin’s standing O

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Brazil’s #HornetGuy for July Doesn’t Let His Disability Get in the Way of Living His Life

Meet Douglas Drys, a 23-year-old Brazilian who lives in São Paulo and works as a model and dismantles preconceptions with his prosthetic leg

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