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A Leading Cause of Many Bisexuals Staying in the Closet: Other Queer People

A lead researcher on bisexuality recently said that he’s experienced the most biphobia from gay people, and several studies back up his assertion

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Lawsuit Alleges 12 Ways YouTube Discriminates Against LGBTQ Content Creators

It’s a typical complaint against YouTube by LGBTQ content creators, commenters and publishers: “Why is my content being treated differently?” The video-sharing site has a history of filtering videos with LGBTQ content into its “restricted mode,” disallowing queer content creators from monetizing their original content, and even displaying anti-LGBTQ advertisements[…]

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This Romanian Photographer Snapped Over 200 Naked Men to Fight Body Shaming and Homophobia

Tiberiu Căpudean presents the photos along with each man’s personal stories of experiencing discrimination for who they are

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Chick-fil-A Is Now Claiming It’s Not Anti-Gay. Don’t Buy That BS for a Second.

The franchise, which has donated millions of dollars to anti-LGBTQ groups and has opposed gay marriage, now says claims it’s anti-gay are “misperceptions”

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