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A Colorado Court Says This Guy’s Ex is His Husband, Even Though the Two Never Got Legally Married

In 2003, Dean LaFleur had a Colorado commitment ceremony to his now ex-boyfriend. A court has ruled that their ceremony constituted a legal marriage

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Counseling Can Help Prevent Same-Sex Divorce, Says This Mediator

Sadly, with same-sex marriage comes same-sex divorce; but are the current laws suitable for LGBTQ couples? How does same-sex divorce differ?

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Gay Porn Power Couple Brent Everett and Steve Peña Separate After 9 Years of Marriage

The gay porn couple of Brent Everett and Steve Peña are apparently ‘parting ways’ after two tumultuous recent years together

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What Could Happen in the Third (Rumored) ‘Sex and the City’ Film

The rumors of a third Sex and the City movie are ramping up again — and we know just what the film should look like!

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India’s First Married Lesbians Need 24/7 Protection From Honor Killers

Savita and Veena (25, 20) were granted the official honor of becoming India’s first married lesbian couple on July 22 after Savita’s divorce from her husband was finalized. Savita, fully aware that she was a lesbian, had been forced to marry a man against her will. It didn’t work out[…]

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Things That Can and Will Destroy Marriage

And there you have it folks. Possession by ghosts needing a corporeal body are more of a threat to marriage than allowing same-sex couples to wed. We can officially put the issue to bed. (via reddit)

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Sexuality Vs. Religion Infographic

So you want to masturbate, or get your gay on, or even get divorced, eh? Depending on your religion, any of these circumstances could land you in hot water. Tuesday’s daily gay infographic sizes up Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism to see how they treat issues like sexually active teenagers,[…]

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