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Queercore: A Dirty History of the LGBTQ Movement That Spits on Respectable Gays

Queercore was an offshoot of the punk rock scene that challenge societal stereotypes about LGBTQ people…. and now it’s also a kickass documentary

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These 5 Shorts from Queer Male Animators Represent the Best in Contemporary Animation

If you wanna see an animated same-sex romance, check out the work of these 5 gay animators experimenting with documentary, music video and other styles

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The Craziest Story to Emerge From the Fyre Festival Documentaries Involves This Gay Man

Only one of the two documentaries about the failed Fyre Festival includes the crazy story of a $175,000 blowjob

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10 LGBTQ Documentaries You Might’ve Missed in 2018, About Punks, Playwrights & More

Breaking out from the blockbuster limelight, unbeknownst to many it’s been a great year for LGBTQ documentaries

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