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The Classic Film ‘9 to 5’ Was Almost a Murder-Centric Dark Comedy

Though the film ‘9 to 5’ was an immediate smash hit, the film was almost a drama and a dark comedy about murdering your jerk of a boss

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Celebrate Dolly Parton With a Look at Her 5 Best Cover Songs

Dolly Parton’s back in the news after her amazing Emmy appearance — so we thought we’d celebrate the legend with our favorite covers

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Here’s What 13 Celebrities Think About Open Relationships and Non-Monogamy

Still trying to figure out how you feel about non-monogamy? Check out our collection of gay and straight celebrity quotes about open relationships

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The Perfect Gaycation: A Weekend at the ‘Steel Magnolias’ House in Louisiana, Now a B&B

Fans of the 1989 film will be stoked to hear that the house where the film was shot has been turned into a B&B

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