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The Classic Film ‘9 to 5’ Was Almost a Murder-Centric Dark Comedy

Though the film ‘9 to 5’ was an immediate smash hit, the film was almost a drama and a dark comedy about murdering your jerk of a boss

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The Perfect Gaycation: A Weekend at the ‘Steel Magnolias’ House in Louisiana, Now a B&B

Fans of the 1989 film will be stoked to hear that the house where the film was shot has been turned into a B&B

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The Best, The Worst and The WTF?! From Last Night’s 2019 Grammys

The Grammy Awards was definitely ladies night, which almost makes up for this year’s horrible Super Bowl halftime show

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The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Mexican Boxer Calls Gays ‘A Plague,’ Deadpool Poster Pisses Off Mormons

A Mexican boxer has called gay people “a plague” among other things, and a new Deadpool poster has Mormons threatening legal action

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