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Dollywood Threatened by Tennessee Wildfire

The theme park owned by Dolly Parton has evacuated its guest cabins following a series of raging fires in the state

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Dolly Parton: Let Gays Marry! They Should Suffer Like the Rest of Us Do.

Dolly Parton isn’t one to let a little hiccup like the Great Dollywood Gay T-shirt Battle of 2011 make anyone misunderstand that she is a fierce and loyal gay advocate. If you’re even a little bit concerned that Dolly’s apology didn’t do enough to assure you Dolly loves her some[…]

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Dolly Parton Apologizes for Gay T-Shirt Incident

We told you in July about the lesbian who was forced to turn her pro-gay marriage t-shirt inside out in order to enter Dollywood’s Splash Country. The situation sucked, the handling of it sucked, but we remained confident that when Dolly herself heard of the shenanigans, there would be hell[…]

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Lesbian Forced To Turn Pro-Gay Marriage Shirt Inside-Out At DollyWood

Someone get Miss Dolly Parton on the batphone STAT. Homegirl would NOT allow this anti-gay malarkey anywhere with her name on the door. Even if the Don’t Say Gay Bill has provoked a war on LGBT Tennessee residents. We’ve reprinted a letter from a lesbian woman who was discriminated against[…]

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