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This Artist Combines Gay Blood With Pop Culture to Protest America’s Ridiculous Donation Policy

NYC-based artist Jordan Eagles uses gay blood in his work as a way to protest the FDA’s ongoing ban of gay blood

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Meet the Gay Man Who Remained Celibate for an Entire Year Just So He Could Donate Blood

A 22-year-old named Jordan Moll-Vigrass abstained from sex for an entire year just so he could donate blood and raise awareness about the gay donation ban

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Pride Style
This T-Shirt Was Screen-Printed With ‘Useless Gay Blood’ in Protest of the Donation Ban

Mother’s ‘Blood is Blood’ campaign is protesting against the blood donation ban by screen-printing t-shirts with ink made from ‘useless gay blood’

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It’s Been Two Years Since the Pulse Attack in Orlando. Where Are We Now?

June 12 will mark two years since an unbearable loss of life and the deadliest attack on LGBT people in American history

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This Dying Man Was ‘Too Gay’ to Save Lives By Donating His Heart Valves

Corey Eteveneaux was killed in a car crash; his mother and partner wanted to donate his heart but couldn’t due to a ban on gay tissue donation

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This New ‘Blood Bath’ by Lush Shows the Pure Idiocy of the Gay Blood Donation Ban

As part of the #FreedomToDonate campaign against the gay blood donation ban, Lush set up a blood bath at its London summit

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News of the World: Gay Sex Workers Face Double Discrimination, an End to the Blood Ban?

In our monthly look at news from around the world, we see how gay sex workers face double the discrimination, and a potential end to the blood donation ban

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Progress! The UK Just Relaxed Its Rules on Gay Blood Donation for the Better

Whereas before the rules prevented gay men from donating if they’d had sex within a year, that time period is now reduced to three months

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The New ‘Saw’ Film Has Teamed Up With Gay and Trans Models to Protest the Blood Ban

Trans nightlife diva Amanda Lepore and gay model Shaun Ross are models for a blood drive associated with the gory ‘Saw’ horror film series

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Despite a Serious Need for Blood in Las Vegas, Gay and Bi Men Still Can’t Donate

Gay and bisexual men who have had sex in the last year aren’t allowed to donate blood in Las Vegas even though there is a massive need for it

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