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That Time Donald Trump Jr. Discussed His Father’s Penis in an Interview

Discussion of Trump’s penis goes back even further his candidacy for president, and he has his own son to thank for that

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley Gayby News, Scott Baio Is the Worst

What happened this week? Well, there’s Dustin Lance Black / Tom Daley gayby news, Burberry’s over the rainbow with pride and Scott Baio is still the worst

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Donald Trump Jr. Attempted to Spread Fake News About Adam Rippon, But Twitter Wasn’t Having It

Who is spreading the fake news now?

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Style & Stuff
This Week’s Must-Haves: The Trump Tell-All We’ve Waited For, Fierce ‘Drag Race’ Figurines, Sexy Workout Gear

Fire and Fury spills the tea about Trump’s administration, and along with some adorable Drag Race figurines, you have this week’s must-haves

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Is the Donald Trump Pee Tape Real? Trump Jr.’s Emails May Confirm It

Is the Donald Trump pee tape real? Donald Trump Jr.’s leaked emails may have just confirmed it — and the rest of the memo that mentioned it

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Donald Trump Jr. Mocks ‘Triggered’ LGBTQ Students on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. must have nothing better to do than sit around all day and mock vocal LGBTQ college students on social media

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Seth Rogen Is Trying to Reason with Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter, But Will It Work?

Seth Rogen, star of ‘Knocked Up,’ ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Sausage Party,’ has taken to Twitter to try to reason with Donald Trump Jr. about his father’s insanity

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Madonna Calls Trump’s Sons ‘Pussies’, Endorses Clinton

GOP candidate Donald Trump’s sons enjoy big game hunting — as long as the hunts are canned. Madonna isn’t amused.

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