Don’t Say Gay Bill

I’m Just Sayin’: Defending Tracy Morgan Is Ridiculous

UB reader Thomas sent us this viewer commentary on the Tracy Morgan, ahem, incident that apparently aired on St. Louis’ NBC affiliate channel, KSDK. We were blown away. First of all, no. Second, who is this dude and again, NO. Third, you’re defending a guy who threatened to kill his […]

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Don’t Say Gay …Or Anything Else

“We’ve proven that not saying something means it doesn’t exist. So now you’re ready for phase two: Don’t Say Terrorist.” BRA-VO, fellas! We’ve been waiting a long time for the cutting critique this sort of parody provides. Absolutely fantastic! What things will you pretend don’t exist by not saying them?

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Tennessee Senate Has Passed Don’t Say Gay Bill

We told you earlier in the year about Senator Stacey Campfield’s Don’t Say Gay Bill being passed by a Tennessee Senate committee. Today, the entire Senate has voted to approve the bill. The Don’t Say Gay Bill, which will prohibit Tennessee schoolchildren from even uttering the words “gay” or “homosexual,” is just […]

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FCKH8 FCK’s the FCKing Don’t Say Gay Bill

Remember the insanely homophobic Don’t Say Gay Bill out of Tennessee? Of course you do. Big props to FCKH8 for taking on the seriously FCKing offensive bill will a FCKing hilarious video. Enjoy! Don’t forget to Like the video at FCKH8’s Facebook page and to retweet the link below. FCKH8 […]