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Supermonster Competition Series ‘Boulet Brothers’ Dragula’ Finds a New Home at Netflix

With Dragula on Netflix, the series — in which drag artists compete for a crown and cash prize — is sure to reach its largest audience yet. 

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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Contestants of ‘Dragula’ Season 3 Introduce Themselves

For Dragula Season 3, the series is making the jump to one of the world’s largest streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video

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Dating Is a Drag! 14 Queens Share Their Personal Tips and Horror Stories

We asked 14 of our favorite drag queens to regale us with Valentine’s Day horror stories, hookup mishaps and tips for the love life-challenged

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Meet Donna Trump, the Anthropomorphic UK Queen About to Make Her NYC Debut

Already a fixture of Manchester’s bustling queer scene, this politically minded queen will make her NYC debut this month

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