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Here Are 5 Terrifying Social Experiments Proving Everyday People Can Fall Into Fascism

If you think you’d always do the right thing, these five experiments prove that when authority is involved, maybe you wouldn’t

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Trans Journalist Publishes Over 11,000 WikiLeaks Chats With Queerphobic, Pro-Trump Comments

A journalist named Emma Best has released over 11,000 WikiLeaks chats, including homophobic, transphobic and pro-Trump comments

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Watch as Hillary Clinton Gets a Standing Ovation at ‘Hello Dolly’ on Broadway

She might have won the popular vote, but at the Hillary Clinton Hello Dolly appearance last night, she clearly won the hearts of the audience and cast

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Trump Is Most Definitely Running for Prez in 2020, and This Guy Will Run His Campaign

Brad Parscale, the digital-media director for Trump’s 2016 campaign, will run his 2020 campaign, but what about Trump’s possible ties to Russia?

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