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The Latest ‘Sims’ Game Has Just Been Banned in 7 Countries for Pro-LGBT Content

Seven countries banned ‘The Sims: Freeplay;’ Electronic Arts claims it’s over ‘regional standards,’ but it’s assumed the Sims ban is over pro-LGBT content

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Industry Heads Clash Over Responsibility For Diversity In Games

Prominent voices inside different sectors of the gaming industry clash on the subject of where diversity should begin and how we can achieve it.

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Gay Developer David Gaider Never Planned to Create Groundbreaking Queer Games

Gay game developer David Gaider waited years to put queer characters in games — and when he finally did, it changed his life.

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Genderqueer Sims And Bisexual Assassins: How Games Are Getting Even More Inclusive

The Sims 4 just removed the gender restrictions on clothing, hair and accessories — and that’s not the only game that’s becoming more inclusive!

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