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5 Ways Carrie Fisher Helped the LGBTQ Community

Carrie Fisher wasn’t just Princess Leia in a golden bikini—her real-life activism made her a hero to countless straight and queer people alike.

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You’ll Probably Cry Watching Whoopi Goldberg Accept the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award (Video)

The actress/activist’s fellow panel members on ‘The View’ surprised her with a video honoring her hard work to defeat HIV/AIDS

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Underground HIV/AIDS Drug Ring

It’s National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! Are you aware that actress Elizabeth Taylor ran a secret underground HIV/AIDS drug smuggling ring?

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14 Films That Stab Love in the Eye and Twist

Forget rom-coms! Here’s 14 anti-romantic films that take Cupid’s arrows and go straight for the jugular! All’s fair in love and war, and these movies take no prisoners!

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