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This Photo (and Shady Caption) of Kendall Jenner and Emma Watson Is Dividing Feminists on Social Media

The New York Times got real shady sharing an image from the Golden Globes featuring Emma Watson with activist Marai Larasi and Kendall Jenner.

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Piers Morgan Goes on Transphobic Tirade Against Gender-Neutral Clothing Policies

During his show, shit-stirrer Piers Morgan has opened his big mouth again against all things gender-neutral or gender non-conforming

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Emma Watson on Feminism: ‘I Don’t Know What My Tits Have to Do With It’ (Video)

Emma Watson was called out for exposing the bottom side of her breasts in a ‘Vanity Fair’ photo spread and over the weekend she responded to the controversy

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Why Women Don’t Need ‘White Feminism’

A large part of mainstream feminism looks away when issues involve poor, dark-skinned, transgender, and disabled women.

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