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Hornet Asked 2,000 Gay Men From 90 Countries How They Feel About Boycotts

Hornet asked 2,000 gay men worldwide how they feel about the gay boycott and its value as a tool in the fight for queer civil rights. 

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Joe Biden, a #MeToo for Homophobia and Body-Positive Undies

Our weekly new round-up includes a new body-positive underwear campaign, former VP Joe Biden encouraging love towards queer youth and more

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Here’s Why 93% of Young Gay Men Say They Want a Monogamous Relationship

A newly conducted open relationship survey shows that younger gay men prefer monogamy, but a closer look at other studies reveals ignorance may be why

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Straight Men Are Watching Gay Porn More Often Than We Thought

A recent surveyed showed that when it comes to straight men gay porn viewing habits, about 25% of hetero dudes are watching same-sex scenes. Here’s why

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New Survey Reveals Most Gay People Lose Their Virginity a While After Their Peers

A new gay virginity survey of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans suggests interesting differences between gay people, bisexuals and other generational groups

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Editors' Picks
Hornet Exclusive: Chemsex Among French Gay Men Is Prevalent Despite Negative Effects on Their Sex Lives

A new survey on chemsex among French gay men found that it harms their sex lives, something that contradicts the most common reason for starting

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LGBTs Are More Progressive in Racial Attitudes Than Straight, Cisgender People

A new study published concludes that ‘LGBT people are more progressive in their racial attitudes than their cisgender heterosexual counterparts.’

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STUDY: The Elections Are Negatively Impacting Women’s Sex Lives

A small recent survey of women found a sizable portion saying that the election negatively affecting their sex lives. But what does that mean exactly?

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STUDY: What Gaymers Actually Want From Video Games

Gay people play video games?! Shocking, we know, but Paul Nowak’s 2009 Gaymer survey paints a picture of what a Gaymer does and wants from video games.

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New Survey Reveals How Modern Gay/Bi Men Hook Up, Get High, and Get Off

A new study of Australian men show several new trends in the way gay and bi guys hook up, get high and get off.

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