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Let’s Explore the Story of Biblical Namesake King James I and His Lifelong Gay Lover

Though King James I was responsible for one of the most famous translations of the Bible, he also had a life-long relationship with a man, George Villiers

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Today Is the Birthday of Edward Carpenter, England’s Gay Godfather of the Left

Today is the 174th birthday of Edward Carpenter, an early queer activist who laid a lot of the groundwork for the modern LGBTQ movement

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This Trans Woman’s Bank Account Was Frozen Because She ‘Sounded Like a Man on the Phone’

This is at least the second time in a year that Santander Bank has blocked a transgender customer’s account.

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This Cricket Player Nearly Lost His Career for Fighting Two Homophobes

Professional English cricket player Ben Stokes was recently found innocent of public brawling after he defended two gay men from homophobic attackers

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