Eoin Macken

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Eoin Macken Naked In Siren

Eoin Macken goes NSFW in his new movie, Siren. As in, Macken’s naked butt is on full display during the sex scene. Not as in, don’t watch this movie at work. Although, that’s also a great way to get in trouble at work now that I think about it. In […]

Eoin Macken is a model, actor, author and filmmaker from Ireland. If “model” wasn’t a clue, he’s a very handsome man who has plied his wares for Abercrombie and Fitch, Ralph Lauren and GQ.

He’s done a lot of work for Irish and English television, including RTÉ’s Fair City and the BBC’s Merlin, though his biggest role so far, at least in the United States, has been for NBC’s The Night Shift, where he plays TC Callahan in the medical drama.

Not content to be on the actor side of the camera, Macken has also made a number of feature films, including Dreaming For YouCold and the documentary The Fashion of Modelling. In most of his films, not only does he write and direct, he’ll also star… and sometimes edit and be on the soundtrack, as in the case of Christian Blake, his debut as a filmmaker.

No matter what you most know this renaissance man from, you’ll find our coverage of him here.