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Activists Fear There’s a Serial Killer Murdering Trans Black Women in Jacksonville, Florida

Three black trans women have been shot to death in Jacksonville, Florida since February; is there a trans serial killer terrorizing the community?

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This Comic Book Raised $165,000 for Orlando Shooting Victims

After four printings, IDW and DC Comics gave the proceeds of their tribute comic anthology Love is Love to Equality Florida’s OneOrlando fund

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Pulse of Orlando: How the City is Healing Following the June 12 Tragedy

You’ve heard about Pulse, but here’s the story about the people who helped heal Orlando’s LGBTQ community and the Pride event that’s bringing them together.

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Is GoFundMe Making $240,000+ Off Of Orlando Shooting Victims?

GoFundMe’s 5 to 8 percent usage fee could make them up to half a million dollars richer off of a massively popular fundraiser for Orlando Shooting victims.

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LGBT Couples No Longer Willing To Pretend They Aren’t Married

We told you last week about Refuse To Lie, the grassroots campaign encouraging LGBT couples who have legally married to declare themselves so on their federal taxes, something that is currently not permitted under the law. The movement is making big waves this week, and after being profiled by the[…]

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Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens “Thieving Little Shits”; Lies About Charitable Donations

Another day, another foot in Corbin Fisher’s mouth. On today’s list of causes for concern, CF’s lawyer refers to gay teens as “thieving little shits” and says the company is perfectly OK with causing them harm, as well as completely making up a story about hundred of thousands of dollars[…]

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