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Grappling With Homophobia: A Short, Campy History of 9 Gay Pro-Wrestling Characters

These 9 gay wrestling characters from U.S. pro-wrestling show the sport’s uneasy relationship with homosexuality (although some of them are kinda great)

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This Queer Photographer’s New ‘Ken’ Series Re-Imagines Barbie’s Beau as Different Gay Men

The Courtney Charles Ken photo series uses Barbies’ hunky male companion as a jumping off point for exploring the ideal self and the gay male imagination

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15 Ways You Can Fight Biphobia

Everyone has experienced negative stereotypes about bisexuals — here’s a handful of ways you can stop the negativity and make the world more bi-friendly!

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Musclehunk Dance Videos Help Destroy Gender Stereotypes

Musclehunks Khan Porter and Channing Tatum both danced to Beyonce and got love. Odell Beckham Jr. danced and got called “gay” — what gives?

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STUDY: Gaydar Is Not Real, It’s Just Stereotyping

A lot of people claim to have really good gaydar, but they’re just basing their guesses on stereotypical assumptions. And now we’ve got scientific proof!

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Actor Matt Bomer Shuts Down Reporter Over Gay Stereotypes

Holahollywood.com needs to get their stuff together! While doing press for Magic Mike XXL, stars Donald Glover and Matt Bomer were interviewed by Dulce Osuna of HolaHollywood.com. The interviewer started directing questions towards openly gay Bomer about the gay community’s opinions of Magic Mike XXL. Once the questions started generalizing the[…]

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