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House Republicans Suspend Plan to Kill Ethics Office

In response to a tepid rebuke from Donald Trump, House Republicans have shelved their plans to wreck an independent ethics watchdog…for now.

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STUDY: Science Proves Humans Get Turned On By Touching Robots

A study shows that touching a smooth, sexless robot crotch turns humans on — a lot — making sex with robots an inevitable and quickly approaching reality.

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Live-Streaming Will Kill Game Journalism, And Perhaps That’s A Good Thing

Games journalism is often seen as a marketing and PR circle-jerk. But live-streamers are changing the game, and could bury games publications altogether.

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London’s Hottest New Accessory: Three-Person Babies

Hot off the neonatal catwalks comes London’s must-have new accessory for Spring 2o16: Three-Person Babies. Ah, some sort of New Normal gay couple-sponsored Midwestern farmgirl parenting situation, you say? Uh-uh. Are we talking two fathers inseminating a surrogate with a genetic jambalaya and pinky-swearing to never spring for a DNA test?[…]

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