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A Short History of the Bidet (and Why It Never Became Popular in America)

This short, interesting bidet history shows why the European fountain for cleaning people’s undersides never caught on in America, despite being awesome

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Doc Martens: The Shoe Loved by Nazis, Punks and Grunge Kids

Fashion trends are many things, but long-lived is usually not one of them — except for Doc Martens which have been popular for a half-century

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As of 2021, Americans Will Need (Rather Easily Obtainable) Visas for European Travel

These required visas are considered a “tit-for-tat” move in response to Trump’s requiring visas from several EU members

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Pushing the Boundaries of Drag: 10 Bearded Queens Of Europe

We speak with 10 bearded queens of Europe, gathering performers from London, Berlin, Madrid and beyond

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Reykjavik

Between the stunning outdoor scenery and thriving nightlife, gay Reykjavik should be on everyone’s bucket list for a unique experience

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Hornet City Guides
The Hornet Guide to Gay Oslo

From one-of-a-kind museums to luscious outdoor parks, gay Oslo has culture, history and nature, plus a thriving nightlife perfect for a night of fun

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Sitges

Sitges, called the Saint-Tropez of Spain, is a favorite destination with perfect beaches, fascinating museums and exciting clubs to dance the night away

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Moldova Police Used Tear Gas on Anti-Gay Protestors During a March Against Homophobia (Video)

The 3rd annual Moldova LGBTQ march against homophobia happened this weekend, and police gassed Christian anti-gay demonstrators

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A Gay Trek Through Europe, Night 4: NYX Is Amsterdam’s Hot Saturday Night Gay Club

On a Saturday night in Amsterdam, where does one go? Well, there’s only one option, really: NYX, for the gay party called 3x NYX

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A Gay Trek Across Europe, Day 3: Chow Down at the Dutch Version of Hamburger Mary’s

Americans know of the fabulously gay food chain Hamburger Mary’s. Well, there is a Dutch version, like a Hamburger Mary’s Amsterdam, and it’s just … better

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