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A Short History of the Bidet (and Why It Never Became Popular in America)

This short, interesting bidet history shows why the European fountain for cleaning people’s undersides never caught on in America, despite being awesome

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Doc Martens: The Shoe Loved by Nazis, Punks and Grunge Kids

Fashion trends are many things, but long-lived is usually not one of them — except for Doc Martens which have been popular for a half-century

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As of 2021, Americans Will Need (Rather Easily Obtainable) Visas for European Travel

These required visas are considered a “tit-for-tat” move in response to Trump’s requiring visas from several EU members

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Pushing the Boundaries of Drag: 10 Bearded Queens Of Europe

We speak with 10 bearded queens of Europe, gathering performers from London, Berlin, Madrid and beyond

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