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‘Pride and Prejudice’ Is an International Conference Dedicated to LGBT Inclusion in Business and Politics

This week, ‘The Economist’ will host its annual Pride and Prejudice event, a 24-hour worldwide conference about LGBT rights in business and politics

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Blockchain Technology Is a Secret Weapon in the Fight for Global LGBTQ Equality

This Tuesday, StartOut New York is partnering with Hornet, the LGBT Foundation and OutRight Action International on using blockchain to help our community

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IGLTA’s Annual Global Convention to Address the Tourism Industry’s Role in the Fight for Equality

Among the topics discussed at this year’s IGLTA convention is the special role tourism must play in the worldwide struggle for equality

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Appears In Video With International LGBT Activists

The United Nations Secretary General opposes anti-LGBT violence and discrimination in a newly released ad.

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The US Has Marriage, But What About International LGBT Struggles?

As American LGBT people begin to enjoy more benefits of equality, the lives of LGBT people abroad often remain solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

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Is The World Bank Trying To Silence Its Most Vocal LGBT Critic?

The World Bank has accused its most vocal LGBT employee of leaking an important document, but anonymous sources says there’s something darker afoot.

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